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Inside Star Citizen 2023

March Tractor Beam

Star Citizen Live 2023

March Engineering gameplay Q&A

Journey to 4.0 2023

Explaining the Design goals for the Engineering profession in the Persistent Universe of Star Citizen

Inside Star Citizen 2023

Februrary Mining balancing update

Interview with German SC content creator (in German)

CitienCon 2952

Panel about Resource Management

Inside Star Citizen 2022

September EU PU Follow up

Inside Star Citizen 2022

September EU PU Hull Scraping

Beacon 2952

2022-05-28 Be@con conference in Liege.

Interview about current mechanics the EUPU team is working on:

Star Citizen Live 2022

March EU PU Gameplay Feature Team

Inside Star Citizen 2022

January EU PU Refuelling

Inside Star Citizen 2021

November EU PU Mining Gadget

Star Citizen Live 2021

June EU PU Gameplay Features

Judge 2020

Stiftung Digitale Spielkultur – Pitch Jam “Memory Culture with Games”


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