Thorsten Leimann

Lead System Designer


Thorsten is a Lead System Designer working for:

Cloud Imperium Games since 2021

Currently working on:

Thorsten is leading the EU Persisten Universe team in Frankfurt as Product Owner and Lead Systems Designer.

At CIG he is responsible for allmost every industrial gameplay loop of the Persistend Universe, which includes Mining, Salvage, Resource Management (Engineering), Crafting and many more.

Previousls he worked as Game Designer at Ubisoft Germany for 11 years with 4 released VR titles; 2 released console titles and 1 released mobile title.

At Ubisoft Thorsten was specialized on R&D work as well as balancing work.

For the VR projects he designed Comfort and Accessibility systems and several game mechanics packed with fun cooperative and memorable gameplay.

In his freetime he still works on Comfort and Accessibility in VR and gave several lectures and workshops about this topic.

Solving problems is the most motivating part of my job. Getting creative and pushing the limits of what is possible fullfills me.

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