Thorsten Leimann

Game Designer

About me

Thorsten is a Game Designer working for Ubisoft Düsseldorf in Germany since 2010.

Currently working on Assassins Creed VR & Splinter Cell VR (link)

He is responsible for comfort and accessibility.

In his previous projects (Escape the Lost Pyramid, Beyond Medusa’s Gate and Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time) he was responsible for designing, building and scripting, levels and mechanics packed with fun cooperative gameplay and memorable events.

Those games are exclusive for the LBVR market. The games are available worldwide at dedicated VR arcades or Escape Rooms.

In his previous projects Thorsten was responsible for system design and balancing.

My goal is to design games accessible and entertaining for everyone. with a heavy focus on letting the player dive into a new world.

Apart from work, Thorsten is a passionate Scuba Diver and from time to time shares pictures of wonderful underwater worlds.

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